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Powered By Data

Check us out at one of our upcoming meetings:

Informational Meeting – January 22nd 7-8pm – Westgate Building Room W206

Goldman Sachs Analytics Case Study – January 24th 7:30-9pm – Room TBA

National Security Agency Data Talk – January 27th 7-8pm – Cybertorium, Westgate Building Room E201

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What do we do?

Big Data, Data Mining, Batch Processing, Machine Learning

Curious what those mean? You’re not alone. Thousands of people around the globe are training right now to become data scientists and analyst and if one thing is for sure, now is the time you should be too. Whether you are a true analytics beginner or a seasoned professional, Nittany Data Labs is the catalyst for Penn State students to begin their transformation from great professionals in their field to outstanding, data-driven associates who excel in leveraging the data they collect to achieve innovation and ROI for their employers. Join NDL and become #poweredbydata.

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